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WGPO Directors’ Forum

Very recently the WGPO Club Roster was launched on the WGPO web site. For months now the WGPO Tournament Calendar has been up and running with links and information about the growing number of WGPO-approved tournaments around the country. Our membership roll continues to increase steadily.

This morning a new Yahoo listserv for WGPO-certified club and tournament directors is opening as the WGPO DIRECTORS’ FORUM.

Who are WGPO-certified directors? Individuals who have already been certified as club and tournament directors by NSA or NASPA and have joined WGPO are grandfathered in as WGPO-certified directors. WGPO is in the process of developing its director’s certification process, and currently its Executive Committee is certifying new directors on a case-by-case basis.

The initial description and rules of the WGPO Directors’ Forum are set out below.

Directors may subscribe by sending an e-mail to

“The WGPO recognizes and acknowledges that a strong system of clubs with experienced club directors is the backbone of word game play.” WGPO Bylaws, Art. IV, subsec. (1). I am hopeful that this new listserv will be a valuable resource for those of us who have the privilege and pleasure of directing WGPO-approved clubs and tournaments.

John Spangler
WGPO Directors’ Forum moderator
Director, Lexington (Ky.) Scrabble Club


The WGPO Directors’ Forum is a listserv open to certified club and tournament directors of the Word Game Players’ Organization. Members of the WGPO Executive Committee and WGPO Board of Player Representatives may belong to this listserv and participate in its discussions regardless of whether they are also certified directors.

The rules of this listserv are simple. It is intended as an open forum for club and tournament directors to discuss among themselves topics related to directing clubs and tournaments. It will provide a means for new directors to obtain help and answers to questions and for experienced directors to share innovative practices and raise matters to receive comments from their fellow directors. Through this forum, directors can get to know each other better and learn from one another. Generally any post is acceptable if it is on topic and written respectfully.

Healthy debates are always encouraged, but please keep the tone respectful and civil.

In keeping with fundamental WGPO principles of openness and transparency, posts to this listserv are not to be considered confidential in nature. Text posted here may be freely shared with others who are not members of the listserv. If a listserv member believes that it is necessary or desirable for a particular topic to be discussed more broadly by the WGPO membership, that topic may be transferred to the general WGPO listserv.

Discussion of particular incident reports and disciplinary proceedings are not proper topics for this listserv. These will be handled elsewhere under the WGPO Bylaws with the discretion and confidentiality that they deserve.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for any personal attacks or mean-spirited arguing. Anyone who submits such a post is subject to immediate removal from the listserv.

John Spangler is the moderator of this listserv. His e-mail address is