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2011/02/20 Meeting Minutes

WGPO Committees and Board of Player Representatives Meeting

Phoenix, AZ

February 20, 2011

Attendees:  Stephanie Steele, Keith Hagel, Peggy Grant, Steve Pellinen, Rick Wong, Laurie Cohen, Janice Kaye (nonvoting), Larry Rand (nonvoting), Melissa Brown (nonvoting).

Minutes recorded by:  Melissa Brown

Meeting Chair: Steve Pellinen


  1. Duties of Executive Committee (EC) and Board of Player Representatives (BPR)
    1. The duties of the EC and BPR are outlined in the WGPO Bylaws. EC shall be responsible for “day to day” operations and decisions, while the BPR shall be responsible for setting policy, either brought to it from the EC or from the players at large; this may or may not necessitate member input / vote of the players depending on the issue. Keith suggested that WGPO maintain a policy manual documenting the policy decisions.
    2. Peggy suggested that the BPR split up the members for representation, somewhat based on geography, but not solely. With discussion, Peggy agreed to take the membership roster and study how it could be distributed, and make a proposal back to the EC/BPR.
  2. Word Cup
    1. Schedule: Friday, July 1st: 8-game Early Bird. Saturday, July 2nd through Wednesday, July 6th: 35 games, 3 divisions. Entry fees will not be as disparate as in January, which was $150/$75. Would like something more in the range of $125/$100/$100.
    2. Discussion around having three divisions: Division 3 with a maximum rating of 1199, Division 2 with ratings above 1200 (the group did not reach agreement on whether the cutoff for division 2 should be 1600, 1650, or 1700) and an Expert Division; there will be unlimited play-up to both Division 2 and the Expert Division.
    3. Distribution of entry fee money to winners of the respective divisions was discussed, but conclusion not reached.
    4. A Word Cup Committee will be formed to continue discussing and to finalize the details of the event, at Keith’s suggestion, with Rick agreeing.
    5. Larry Rand would like the group to consider awarding prize cups in memory of the late Al and Vicky DeMers, to be sponsored by their daughter Sheryl DeMers. This will be decided by the EC.
  3. Growth and Development:
    1. WGPO Clubs: Currently, clubs are listed on the WGPO website under the title designated by individual club directors. Mary Rhoades has stated to Carol Dustin, Chair of WGPO Clubs Committee, that any NASPA club advertised on the WGPO website must include the official NASPA designation.
      1. Stephanie proposed a motion that the listing of clubs on the WGPO website shall not include the NASPA designation in the club name. Motion was seconded by Keith, with suggestion of including a footnote that clubs are sponsored by other organizations. Failed 2-3-1 (Steph and Keith for; Rick, Peggy and Steve against; Laurie abstained).
      2. Rick proposed a motion that that club directors should decide how they want their club listed on the WGPO site. Passed 5-1 (Steph, Rick, Peggy, Laurie and Steve for; Keith against). It was agreed that the club page would list at the top that these are WGPO clubs, some of which may be affiliated with other organizations as well.
      3. Peggy suggested a recruitment incentive for directors for running clubs and tourneys, and proposed that “free entry” to a WGPO tourney be considered. The EC/ BPR supported idea of incentives, and Rick suggested that Word Cup entry would be a good place to consider due to anticipated size of the tourney to support waived tourney registration for qualifying directors. Peggy will work on those details and get approval from BPR and EC. Peggy continues to work on the WGPO director’s test, and will coordinate with Susi T. as the WGPO rules are developed/ condensed for implementation.
    2. NASPA:
      1. Peggy suggested that there should be a designated person who acts as WGPO liaison with NASPA. Group discussed and concluded that such a liaison is not currently needed.
      2. Posting WGPO announcements on CGP was discussed. It was concluded that the policy on interfacing with other organizations will be similar to the previous informal policy. Also, any formal dialogue will be directed simultaneously and in writing/email to the three members of the EC.
    3. Outreach and Publicity: Rick proposed a motion that WGPO form a committee to handle outreach and publicity. Motion seconded and passed unanimously. Peggy Grant will lead this effort.
    4. Web development: Keith and Rick will discuss offline.
    5. Incorporation: The issue of incorporation of WGPO will be researched by Steve for presentation and discussion at a later date. It was agreed that Steve will lead a committee on the research.

Conclusion:  It was suggested that another meeting be held and documented in Reno at Word Cup 2011, and any other tourney at which we have a quorum of EC/BPR (which would be at least 2 of EC and 3 of BPR; would consider use of electronic devices to make quorum in needed).

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Melissa Brown