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Donations and tournament fees

August 16, 2013
To:  WGPO Tournament Directors
CC:  WGPO Membership
From:  WGPO Executive Committee & Board of Player Representatives
Topic:  Donations and tournament fees

At our meeting in Bloomington, MN, the topic of yearly dues, donations and tournament fees was discussed by the EC and BPR.  At this time, the WGPO will not be implementing mandatory membership fees. The organization will be encouraging player support through voluntary donations and tournament fees.  Tournament players will bear most of the responsibility for providing funds to the organization.  We are hopeful that this income will meet our financial needs.
Suggestions:  When you are preparing your tournament flier for the website, please consider adding the following statement on the entry form:

If you would like to make a voluntary contribution to the WGPO, you may add a donation to your entry fee and it will be forwarded to the organization at the end of the tournament. The WGPO does not have annual membership fees.

All directors have full authority for their event, and if you wish, you may add whatever amount you feel is appropriate to each entry fee and state that clearly on your flier before you email it to Dave Wood (
Example:  For a one day tournament with 25 players, you may want to add $1 or $2 to your entry fee, or simply deduct it from the prize pool.

All donations and tournament fees collected by the directors should be mailed to Janice Kaye, 1893 Highland Parkway, St. Paul, MN, 55116.
If you have other ideas for raising funds for WGPO, please forward them to the executive committee:

Thank you for all you do to help make the WGPO successful.
Members of the Executive Committee and Board of Player Representatives