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Reno, WGPO, and Rick – A Winning Combination

Congratulations to Kevin Fraley of San Jose, who won both the Early Bird and the Division A Main Event this weekend. The lead changed hands repeatedly during the tournament, most of the field had a chance going into the final day, and even at the end, 75% of the field was within 2.5 games of Kevin. In fact, if you changed my (Rick) three losses to Jack Norman to wins, I would have jumped from 9th place to 1st place.
 In Division B, Miriam Green outlasted Ron Barker for the title, but Ron surely will enter four-digit rating territory again, after exceeding his Win expectation by an amazing 7.07 games. Mary Critelli is also on the move in her second tournament, quadrupling her win total from a year ago.
– Rick Wong

Reno 1                             Reno 2                 Reno 5                             Reno 4

Photos by Patricia Wong.

Main event results are posted here: