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Bingos aplenty, and a lovely beach, but few blankets

Here's the beach.  Where are the blankets?
Here’s the beach. Where are the blankets?

Mid-March was sunny and warm in Indiatlantic, Florida.  This was much appreciated by those from Northern climes.  While not sunning or beach walking, twenty-five of us competed in the 16-round Great-Grandson of a Beach Blanket Bingo tournament directed by Susi Tiekert.  Ian Weinstein compiled a 15-1 record with a spread of 1565,  His wife diverted us all with her delicious brownies and candied pecans, while Susi provided an unending supply of chocolate-covered potato chips.  Way too many goodies!  Lisa Brown won Division B with 11 wins, +479.  See all results at

Bingo generators (Division A)
Bingo generators (Division A)