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2015 WGPO Elections: Results

The 2015 election results have been reviewed and certified by the Nominations and Elections Committee.  We thank all of the candidates for their willingness to serve.  Two positions were open for the Executive Committee, and three positions were open on the Board of Player Representatives.

Candidates selected for the Executive Committee were Ruth Hamilton and Larry Rand.

Candidates selected for the Board of Player Representatives were Helen Flores, Mike Johnson, and Rick Wong.

# of eligible members voting = 141

Poll Name                                                 Poll Option         Tally

Voting Ballot for Executive Committee  Ruth Hamilton     100

Voting Ballot for Executive Committee  Larry Rand            97

Voting Ballot for Executive Committee  Winter                   65

Voting Ballot for BPR                               Mike Johnson      106

Voting Ballot for BPR                               Rick Wong           101

Voting Ballot for BPR                               Helen Flores          92

Note that the final tally includes mail-in ballots and is therefore slightly different than the results shown on the website.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated.

Thank you to Henry Yeung for making it possible to conduct the voting in a secure site and assuring that it went smoothly.  Thanks to Melissa Brown for broadcasting election information to the membership.  And thank you to all who voted.

WGPO Nominations and Elections Committee