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Rich Moyer wins in Reno

As reported by Rick Wong:

Rich Moyer

Even though he was Gibsonized for the last round, Rich Moyer didn’t let up, plopping down TRICKLES for 221 points in the last game.

JD Rosensweig played a triple-triple PO(T)ATOES for 149 points and followed it with (P)ERVADES for 104 points, on the way to his highest game of the tournament, 409 points, AND he lost by 239 points. His opponent, Jack Norman, played QUIZZERS on his first play for 115 and continued with URANIDE, FEMALES, TWOTONE, and ALLEGING and with 648 points, the two players combined for a 1057-point game.

Rick Wong made two nine-letter words in the same game (HUM)ANIZER and REDREAM(ED).

Details:  Reno Results