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Picture of Note

From Gary Moss:
If you ever have the experience of making a phenomenal play . . .
take a picture and share it with the scrabble world.  
Last Wednesday at Scrabble Club #350 I was playing against my
friend Maliha Mahmood.  I had a fast start with bingos (cottoned,
*dankiest (a phoney), and huffing).  I was leading by almost 200
points when I played HUFFING.  THEN . . . Maliha sent chills down
my spine when after careful thought she played PHARISEE for a
triple/triple and for 177 points.  That one word that I would never
have found and I wasn’t sure that it was good.  However, if I had
challenged and lost I would have put myself in danger of losing.
After the game we looked up PHARISEE and it is GOOD.
AMAZING !  !  !    Such a BIG word from such a PETITE lady.