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A Sunny Day in L. A.

From Dave Postal:

Div A
Division A: David Pearl (2nd place), Paul Rickhoff (co-director), Yuki Loritz (1st place)Richard Stein (high play), Dave Postal (co-director)

Our Los Angeles Winter Games Tournament is in the books, although it was not without its complications  (mudslides, road closures, flu, computer malfunctions) 38 players managed to have a competition filled day at the Westside Pavilion in West Los Angeles.  Having to escape the beautiful 80 degree weather outside was a sacrifice the players had to make but everyone was in good spirits when we returned 100% of the entry fee (after room expenses).  Other notable events of the day included Terry Veevers playing the high play of the day VANISHES for 174 points and then vanishing before he collected his prize and Marlene Cain, at her very first tournament, capturing the “E” division victory.

Div B
Division B: Cooper Komatsu (1st place) Pete Skaggs (2nd place)

Many thanks to Paul Rickhoff for co-directing and Mike Johnson for helping with pairings after a computer malfunction caused the program to re-pair everyone after round 1 including making duplicates!




Div C
Division C:  Jackie Heller (high loss), Dave Baran (1st place)

There will be one more event in Southern California before Word Cup 8 in Burbank and that will be at the Long Beach Bridge Club, tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 15.




Div D
Div D winners (l to r) Inae Bloom (2nd), Ben Ainsell (1st), Diane Kerner (high game), Harry Chan (high word), Dani Roter (high loss)
Division E winners: Deborah Komatsu (2nd), Lois Oda (high play), Marlene Cain (1st)
Division E winners: Deborah Komatsu (2nd), Lois Oda (high play), Marlene Cain (1st)