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Call For Word Cup 2019 Proposals

Dear WGPO Directors and Members,

It’s that time of year again, and the Board of Player Representatives (BPR) and Executive Committee (EC) is starting the process of selecting the venue for Word Cup 2019! To make this great event more accessible to a wide range of players, we try to bring Word Cup to a different region each year. For 2019, we are focusing our search for cities in the Upper Midwest and Southeast United States. If you or your local club is interested in hosting Word Cup for 2019, now is the time to start gathering proposals from local venues.

Please submit venue proposals for evaluation by April 15th to the Executive Committee at

Proposals should include

  1. Short cover letter listing the venue, available dates, contact information for the proposed leadership team (include potential directors and organizers, at least one of whom is local), nearby airports or attractions, and other highlights/challenges for this venue.
  2. Copy of proposal from hotel venue including room rates, room block requirements, playing room costs and banquet minimums, parking fees, any hotel incentives, etc.

After April 15th, the BPR and EC will start evaluating all proposals received and coordinating with prospective organizers if additional information is needed. Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Region: Venues in the Upper Midwest (Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc.) or Southeast (Florida, Georgia, Carolinas, etc.) will have priority.
  2. Quality of accommodations and playing space
  3. Location: Proximity to major airport, scrabble population centers, restaurants and local attractions, etc.
  4. Total Cost: Hotel room rates, room block requirements, playing room and equipment costs, banquet minimums, parking fees, hotel shuttle, hotel incentives and amenities, etc.
  5. Dates: Preference will be for bids in July or early August and those that do not conflict with other major events or holidays.
  6. Availability of local organizers/directors/players to help run the event.

Do not hesitate to contact any of us on the EC or BPR if you have questions about the selection process or have specific questions regarding a hotel proposal you have received. If you or your local club is considering submitting a Word Cup proposal, please let a member of the EC know by March 15th. This will help us coordinate with local directors/organizers as proposals are being gathered.


The Executive Committee of WGPO

Keith Hagel

Mike Johnson

Steve Pellinen