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Hallelujah! A parody

This was sung at the Word Cup by a chorus of talented players

WGPO Anthem: Hallelujah! Scrabble®  

with apologies to Leonard Cohen


They added some 5,000 words

To challenge all us Scrabble® nerds

But you don’t really care what they mean, do ya?

Now “judgy” “nutjob” “truther” work

“Wuddy” “yuked” “unsaw” and “twerk”

We’re Scrabble nuts. We’re really not peculiar.” 

Hallelujah, Not peculiar.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah 


So now we play without a qualm

“Airballs” “loogies” “mux” “capcom”

Study these. There’s more than just a few – yeah!

We play for fun, and we play fair.

Don’t throw the tiles, try not to swear.

And never let a phony new one fool ya. 

Hallelujah, Never fool ya

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


But, Baby, I’ve been here before.

I’ve got some points, still need some more.

You know I played this game before I knew ya.

Sometimes you win through luck and art.

But lose with grace – now that takes heart.

It’s still a cause to sing out Hallelujah. 

Hallelujah, What’s it to ya?

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


When we first played we didn’t know

Two letter words: “da” “te” “gi” “po”

And now we get to play “ok” and “ew” – yeah

“Bazoom” “jooks” “owly” “goji” “foo”

“Antifas” “whirra” – they’re good too.

Did ya know that this verse rhymes with Julia? 

Hallelujah, Rhymes with Julia

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


I’ll start your clock if you are late

And I won’t ever hesitate

To play a phony bingo word right through ya.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

But them’s the breaks, it isn’t news

You played it well, I’ll have to say that to ya.

Hallelujah, Say that to ya.

Hallellujah, Hallelujah


At times these words are not enough,

So play in Collins – prove you’re tough

Most any word you play –well, that’ll do- yeah

“Arsey” “milko” “zoot” “yunx” ”mizz”

“Vajazzle” “zulu” also “squiz”

Most Collins two’s, they really are peculiar.

 Hallelujah, Yes, peculiar.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


If there are tile gods above

Don’t count upon their constant love.

Oh, looky there, the other guy outdrew ya.

Don’t whine about your Scrabble® plight

You still could win, keep up the fight.

Uh oh! I see they chose this time to screw ya.

 Hallelujah, Time to screw ya.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


And now we’ll sing another verse.

We’re almost done, it could be worse

It’s past time for this song to just be through, yeah

But we must have a final say

Then you all can go back and play

The word game we all love, you know it’s true, yeah

Hallelujah, Not peculiar.

Hallelujah, Never fool ya

Hallelujah, What’s it to ya?

Hallelujah, Rhymes with Julia

Hallelujah, Time to screw ya

Hallelujah, yes, peculiar.