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Candidates Q & A

From the Elections Committee (Lynda and Winter):

We asked the candidates their thoughts on the following questions which we believe are of major interest to the members. Their responses are below. There are some interesting areas of agreement and some great ideas for moving forward.  Click on the links for their answers:

  1. What do you currently do to support WGPO?  Question 1 Responses
  2. What are your thoughts on unifying the various North American Scrabble Organizations? What should be the next steps?  Question 2 Responses
  3. What are your thoughts on dictionary expurgation? Question 3 Responses
  4. What are your suggestions on growing the game? Question 4 Responses
  5. Are there any changes in how WGPO runs that you’d like to see implemented? Question 5 Responses
  6. What are your thoughts on the best way to cover WGPO’s administrative expenses? Question 6 Responses