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A Call to Vote on Bylaws Amendment


By vote of 5-0, the Board of Players Representatives has recommended a change in the by-laws to liberalize the rules for individual competition and provide greater operational latitude to club directors in the conduct of tournaments.  This proposal has been reviewed by the Executive Committee and forwarded to the Nominations and Elections Committee to prepare a resolution for a vote of the membership.  The Nominations and Elections Committee has prepared the following resolution for the consideration, and established a voting period of ten days, commencing Monday, December 12-2011, and ending Wednesday, December 21, 2011.  The members’ decision on this proposal will be determined by a simple majority of votes cast during the election period.  Public comment will be accepted on the WGPO listserv any time between the receipt of this announcement and the beginning of the election.

Comments from the membership are encouraged to provide interest and members’ views on the government of our group.  As always, we request that comments be submitted in a reasonable fashion, and restrict themselves to the subject at hand.


That Article IX, Section 3, be amended as follows (revised wording in italics and underlined-no wording has been deleted):


Clubs and tournaments

(3) WGPO-approved tournaments normally shall be open both to WGPO members and to players who are not WGPO members if those individuals agree to abide by the tournament rules and ethical standards of the WGPO.  WGPO tournament directors and organizers also may offer invitational and members-only tournaments.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nominations and Elections Committee

Dick McHugh

Ruth Hamilton

Mary Krizan