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2013/08/04-07 Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2013

Aurora, Colorado

Meeting of the WGPO Executive Committee, Board of Representatives and Guests

AttendeesFrom the EC: Keith Hagel, Stephanie Steele, Rick Wong. From the BPR: Bennett Jacobstein, Larry Rand, Susi Tiekert, Sue Hoehn, Steve Pellinen. WGPO members: Melissa Brown (Secretary), Janice Kaye (Treasurer). Guests: Lynda Finn, Dominick Mancine, Mahlia Mahmood, Angela Dancho

Meeting called to order by Larry Rand at 1:05 pm

  1. WGPO WEB SITE – Dominick will work with Brian Galebach and Henry Yeung, to improve the website. The first step will be to implement source control to share control among developers. Additional goals are to implement use of standard HTML instead of Google docs, better data reporting on tournaments, administrative permissions for club directors so they can clean up content, make the discussion forum a part of the website,  better navigation overall, more user friendly. Keith asked if there is a sense of timetable. Per Dominick, Larry will communicate with Brian and the tech committee regarding moving forward.
  2. WORD JUDGE USA – Maliha has developed a word list that contains words of 2-21 letters for use in Super Scrabble (Zyzzyva includes up to 15 letter words). Steve asked about sources for words. Sources are Zyzzyva, The Long Words list and Google for the very long words. Maliha started this list in 2008 for a word building game she invented. Hard copy will be available from Amazon and free copy available online from  The EC and BPR will discuss further whether to endorse this list for Super Scrabble.
  3. WORD CUP 2014 – Lynda Finn – Lynda has signed  a contract with Madison Marriott West. $175 a day for playing room, approx twice the size of the room here in Denver. $1200 minimum food reception. There is a commitment for 125 total room nights. There is free wifi in public areas of hotel, including playing room.  Travel options were discussed (fly to Madison, fly to Chicago or Milwaukee and bus or drive to Madison). Probable $50 commuter fee will be charged. The hotel is in walking distance to several restaurants and a mall. $99 a night room rate. EC and BPR will meet again on Tuesday at lunch time to discuss the agenda items:  Reciprocity, Suspended players in other organizations, Word judge, Madison and any items which may arise at the Monday evening player meeting.

The meeting will be continued on August 6 at 1PM, with remaining agenda items and discussion of any issues brought up at the general membership meeting.

August 5, 2013

Aurora, CO

General Meeting of WGPO

Larry Rand called the meeting to order @ 8:35 pm. Approximately 60 people attended

No formal agenda

Open up for questions about the organization

  1. Mike Johnson, Decorah, Iowa, had a question regarding provisional ratings which are higher than anticipated for new players. The issue needs to be addressed by the ratings committee. Rick will handle and respond with answer to the rest of us by email.
  2. Winter would like to see more Collins in WGPO. Stephanie gave history of interactions with WESPA.  WESPA will not rate Collins tournaments in WGPO. The issue is that people do not want to learn Collins. Winter stated that the leadership of WGPO should promote Collins by adding the 2 and 3 letter word list to WGPO. Larry brought up the issue of word judging without software.  Steve is willing to have Collins division at the Wisconsin Dells tournament. Stephanie suggests that a Collins player should hold a tournament and assume leadership in the Collins world.  Maybe start with an Intro to Collins weekend (Angela).
  3. Mark Pistolese asked about how WGPO will handle the expulsion of a NASPA player  – the committee will set a standard. Anne McCarthy suggested that roles and responsibilities be defined for directors.
  4. Announcement of the 2014 Word Cup in Madison, Wisconsin to be directed by Lynda Finn. The tournament will be held at a Marriott with reasonable room rates. Dates are August 2-6, 2014. Looking at having 8 games a day. All events will be WGPO rated. Optional pre-event fun on Friday, August 1, as an alternative to an Early Bird. Several people have offered to direct an early bird as Lynda does not wish to do this.  The event is a week before the event in Buffalo.
  5. Mike Johnson gave a big thank you to the directors and the players of the WGPO Word Cup.
  6. Peggy Grant made an appeal for more directors.

Meeting adjourned 9:15 pm

August 6, 2013, 1PM

Continuation of August  4 EC/BPR Meeting

Attendees: From the EC: Keith Hagel, Stephanie Steele, Rick Wong. From the BPR: Bennett Jacobstein, Larry Rand, Susi Tiekert, Sue Hoehn, Steve Pellinen.  WGPO members: Melissa Brown (Secretary), Janice Kaye (Treasurer).

  1. TREASURER’S REPORT (Janice) – $1953 is in the bank, this does not count the donations received here. Larry stated that we need to do a better job of asking directors to solicit donations to WGPO at tournaments. Suggestion of using part of the recent private $2000 donation (received at the tournament) to pay Word Cup expenses so we can have 100% payback. Keith made a motion the raise the prize fund to 100% for 2013 Word Cup. The motion failed for lack of a second. The intent is to donate $1500 to 2014 WC in Madison, as has been the practice for other Word Cups.
  2. SEATS UP FOR ELECTION, 2013 – The 3 year terms are up for Steve, Susi, Sue, Rick, and Steph at end of 2013. Larry, Bennett and Keith are clear. Per bylaws a nominating committee needs to be appointed by October 20. Steph and Susi will probably run, Steve said maybe, Rick will consider BPR rather than EC, Sue will not run.
  3. WORD JUDGE USA – Rick stated that the next step should be for Rick to confirm that words from 2-15 are valid in Maliha’s publication. He is able to do that. Steph moved that assuming the book Meliha has written compares exactly to Zyzzyva, it be approved as an official word source for WGPO player. Seconded by Larry and Susi. Rick suggested adding to the motion that WGPO would recognize Word Judge USA as an official source for Scrabble play as well as Super Scrabble. Motion voted on and carried
  4. Larry will contact Brian about the provisional ratings question brought up at the general meeting.
  5. WEB SITE ISSUES – Steve mentioned that a new host for the web server is needed. A chairperson is needed for the tech committee. Rick will approach Henry to see if he wants to chair the tech committee and will give a response 7 to 10 days after the minutes come out.
  6. 2015 WORD CUP: There was discussion of the 2015 WC and possible sites.  BPR and EC are putting out a request for WGPO members to suggest sites for the 2015 WC.

Additional agenda items … Meeting for breakfast 8:30 Wednesday am

Meeting adjourned 2 pm

Wednesday, August 7

Continuation of meeting, 8:30 a.m.

Attendees – From the EC: Keith Hagel, Stephanie Steele, Rick Wong. From the BPR: Bennett Jacobstein, Larry Rand, Susi Tiekert, Sue Hoehn, Steve Pellinen.  WGPO members: Melissa Brown (Secretary), Janice Kaye (Treasurer).

  1. WEB SITE ISSUES – There is an urgent need for changing the web host server with support. Rick knows of some possibilities and will do due diligence. Keith moved to have the server moved upon due diligence and selection. The board unanimously approved.
  2. FUTURE WORD CUPS – Possible modification of the bylaws regarding involvement of the EC and BPR in decisions regarding Word Cup format, etc. Keith asked all to look at the by laws.  Steve and Bennett have volunteered to be on Lynda’s committee for WC 2014.
  3. RECIPROCITY –  Allowing flyers for other tournaments at WGPO. Many tournaments of the other organization do not advertise WGPO. Board unanimously agreed we will allow reciprocity at WGPO tournaments.
  4. SUSPENSION OF PLAYERS BY OTHER ORGANIZATIONS – Rick will research previous discussion of this matter. Believes the agreement was that we would honor the other organization’s suspension but allow appeal on case by case basis.
  5. MERCHANDISING –  Rick suggests setting up a Cafe Press or similar account for production of TShirts, Coffee Mugs, etc. Susi will research the one with the best return.
  6. ANAGRAMMER ON WEBSITE – Rick stated that Kenji mentioned that one of the most searched scrabble terms in the Internet is “Scrabble Cheat”, a popular website. Some type of anagrammer or word finder like that on our website could attract traffic.

Meeting adjourned at 10AM

Respectfully submitted by Melissa Brown