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October in Phoenix – What better time and place for a one-day tournament?

Director Larry Rand posted these comments:

The Phoenix One Day results, prizes and ratings are now available at the Word Game Player’s website,

Congrats to all players who attended.  Daniel Ahrens, Norine Ahrens and David Weiss, from Albuquerque, played in their first Phoenix One Day event.  : )
Special thanks to the club members who brought all of the delicious food and beverages for our lunch break.
Two fun prizes were conducted for the morning and afternoon sessions.  In the morning, Martin Janowski and Laurie Cohen played the highest scoring plays “beginning with O,” “outages” and “orrises,”  respectively.  In the afternoon, the fun prize was “ends with an r.”  Zach Simon played “equator” (130), and Laurie recored “negator.”
He didn’t mention the colorful shirt contest, which must have occurred if the SmugMug pictures reproduced here are accurate.