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Madison Marvels

 From Lynda Finn:
On November 12, 14 players gathered for a small tournament in Madison WI. The tournament had a small fee for room rental and a few fun prizes, but all the place prizes were opt in. The A division chose a $20 opt-in with a 70/30 split for first and second. Division B also chose a $20 opt-in, but decided to split 50/30/20 between the first three finishers. A majority of the players chose to opt-in.
 Madison 1
In round 1, Thomas Reinke extended ROC, to ROCKROSE for 57 points in a tight loss to Mike Johnson
 Madison 2
 Charles Reinke clinched the tournament In the final round, against Mike Johnson. He found the lovely 9 REQUESTOR from RE.
 Madison 3
Results:  MadisonNov16