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Laguna Woods Commemorates Veterans’ Day

From Gary Moss:
Twenty scrabble enthusiasts,rated 000 – 1700+  gathered on Veterans Day in Laguna Woods Village, CA for a full day Competition & Pot Luck.  How lucky we are to live in a country where we are free to gather and chase our passions.  In addition to the Place Prizes, the prize pool was salted with 14 prizes that were within reach of every player in the room.  In each of the 7 games there was a ‘secret score’ (which was worth $10); in each of the 7 games there was a prize for the highest scoring word containing a ‘V’ (which was worth $20 at Starbucks -or- two tickets to the cinema).  And a wonderful time was enjoyed by all.
Here’s a link to Andre Torng’s pictures of the event.  CLICK HERE
Tournament stats:  LagunaWoods1111