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The room was cold, the tiles were hot

Winners: Scott Smith (Div 2, 2nd), Gary Waltuch (Div 2, 1st), Kathy Sutrov (Div 1, 1st), Ruth Hamilton (Div 1, 2nd), Leesa Bergeron (Div 1, 3rd)
Winners: Scott Smith, Gary Waltuch, Kathy Sutrov, Ruth Hamilton, and Leesa Bergeron

West Linn, OR, 12/11/16.  We ate pizza and wore our coats while playing six games in under 5 hours.  None of us wanted to linger.  But I heard that Max Erskine played “winterer” for 154 points.  Do you suppose the room temperature inspired him?  Rich Moyer directed.  Results at West Linn Pizza

Photo by James Johnson