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Holiday Specials

Players in Englewood, New Jersey, and Lake Oswego, Oregon, celebrated with tournaments today.  Tempe, Arizona, gets into the holiday spirit this weekend.

Division 2 second place finisher Kathy Sutrov next to winner Alan Meyer.  She’s playing Betty Cornelison, who finished third.

In Lake Oswego, 12 of us participated in a 5-game tournament held at the local adult community center.  We had two divisions of 6 players each.  The number 4 seed won in each division.  That was Alan Meyer in division 2.  I was exceedingly lucky and won division 1, Gunther Jacobi was second, and our versatile director Rich Moyer was third.

Congratulations to Howard Baldwin, who in his first tournament earned a rating of 1107.

Alice Van Leunen and Gunther Jacobi.