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We’re Word Cup Early Birds

34 of us made it to Coral Gables, Florida, in time to participate in a 7-round Early Bird tournament.  David Gibson won in Division 1, Sue Hoehn in Division 2, and Susan Blanchard in Division 3.  Director Steve Pellinen was the only Collins player who could get the better of Rasheed Balogun.  I tried twice and failed.

I took pictures of all the non-Collins winners, but I did as poorly with my picture taking as I did in my play against Rasheed.  Jane Geary did a fine job of photographing the Collins winners, however.  See below.  The real fun starts tomorrow – 31 games in 5 days.

Rasheed Balogun, John  Bulten, Ruth Hamilton
Rasheed Balogun, John Bulten, Ruth Hamilton, with director Maddy Kamen