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It Helps to Draw Blanks!!!

From Bennett Jacobstein:

A study was done at the 2019 Word Cup to determine what percentage of games were won by a player who drew both blanks.
Contestants were asked when filling out their tally slips to indicate which player received each blank.  The results were compiled and tally slips that showed each player drew one blank were eliminated.  Also eliminated were tally slips where the requested information was not completed.
When a player drew both blanks, they won the game 72.7% of the time.  The results were very similar among all divisions.  The table below shows the detailed results.
Division Winner drawing both blanks Percentage Loser drawing both blanks Percentage
All Divisions 531 72.7% 199 27.3%
A 148 71.2% 60 28.8%
B 130 69.5% 57 30.5%
C 163 77.3% 48 22.7%
Collins 90 72.6% 34 27.4%