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WGPO Club Suspensions for Covid-19

Dear WGPO Directors and Players,

To help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, many local clubs have decided to cancel upcoming meetings. These actions are part of a nationwide effort to “flatten the curve” and save lives. The Executive Committee (EC) and Board of Player Representatives (BPR) unequivocally supports these actions.

Unlike rated tournaments, our local club system includes many clubs that are not officially affiliated with any organization. The BPR and EC recognize that we cannot mandate suspension of activities for all clubs nationwide, however, we strongly recommend the temporary suspension of all in-person club related activity until at least April 30th.

While playing our game in person is a core part of our organization’s mission, it does not allow for social distancing. People sitting in close contact, facing each other, and touching the same tiles only provides opportunities for the virus to spread within our community. We are also learning that the virus can be spread easily through people who are not yet symptomatic. The CDC makes it clear that it typically takes between 2-14 days after exposure for symptoms to appear. Simply asking those exhibiting symptoms to stay home is not an effective way to protect our club members, especially since COVID-19 has the highest death rate with one of our core demographics (those over 60).

The time for social distancing is now. Increasingly, governmental agencies are calling us to “hunker down.” WGPO asks that our clubs follow this advice.


The Executive Committee of WGPO and the Board of Player Representatives