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Announcing the Isolation Nation, No Contact WGPO Online Tournament!

Join us on Sunday, April 5 starting at 1 PM Central time for an unrated online tournament held on ISC directed by Lynda Finn. 6 Games, 20 minute per side, 5 pt challenge, unrated, TWL only. Divisions, if any, will determined based on registrants. Limited to the first 36 entries. Games 1-2 at 1 PM Central, games 3-4 at 2:45, games 5-6 at 4:30. This will allow a 15 minute break between every two rounds so that you can get short break for snack, bathroom, short walk, etc. You must have a Facebook (Messenger) account to play as all announcements and reporting of results will be conducted through Facebook Messenger.
Pairings and Standings will be found at
By entering this tournament you agree not to use any outside help with anagramming or word checking.
Share your ISC handle on the WGPO Facebook page if you are interested in playing. Lynda Finn will set up a Facebook Messenger group for all interested parties. You must arrive on ISC by 12:55 on Sunday the 5th in order to be paired in first round.
Contact for more info.