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Minnesota turns green

IMG_20220320_173403885_PORTRAITAfter a two-year delay, we convened in Bloomington for Greeneye III.  It was well worth the wait.  When you think of March in Minnesota, balmy spring weather doesn’t usually come to mind, but it was certainly springlike last weekend.  Nonetheless, 33 of us spent many sunshiny hours in a windowless room playing 23 games over two days.  Director Mike Johnson did his usual fine job of keeping us going.  Co-directors Steve Pellinen and Jason Vaysberg were big factors in the tournament success as well.

On or before the end of Game 22, the winners had clinched  their victories.  Laurie Cohen did it in Division A, Fran Galt in Division B, and Rasheed Balogun in the Collins Division.

I hope we don’t have to wait two years for Greeneye IV.

Players were camera shy, but Paddy had no choice.