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Minutes from WGPO general membership meeting 8/5/2014

Special thanks to Mike Johnson for taking notes during the general membership meeting in Madison, WI.


The general membership meeting began at about 8:30PM. Over 50% of the players were in attendance. Larry Rand moderated.

An informal poll was taken about the start time for the Main Event. There was overwhelming support for the 10am start time. It was noted that on the West coast an earlier start time might be appropriate and that the director should have the final call.

In 2015, the WGPO will celebrate its fifth anniversary. January 26, 2010 was the initial discussion of the formation of the organization by Stephanie Steele and Keith Hagel. The first WGPO tournament was held on May 1, 2010 in Bloomington, MN. 52 players participated.

What lies ahead for the next five years? Comments from individual players.

John Aitken (Cabo, MX) Expressed concerns about the aging of the membership. The organization needs to grow and more young players need to be pursued.

Denise Mahnken (SC) Spirit of the organization is young at heart.

Leslie Millard (TX) Texas is all NASPA. Suggested recruiting at universities and college campuses.

Lynda Finn (WI) Add more local one days to reduce expenses for players who do not travel.

Cornelia Guest (CT) Suggested Meet-up clubs ( as an option to expand the base and spread the word.

Julia Swaney (CO) Stated that she got her start at a meet-up club in CO, organized by Dave Goldberg.

Discussion about the new word list:

• Available August 11 (or earlier). NASPA will implement the new list at tournaments on December 1. Club directors will transition as appropriate for their individual clubs. New 2s- 4s word lists available during transition. Mike Baron is working on an update of the “cheat sheet.”

• Questions regarding Zyzzva and Quackle updates (This question was answered online and both programs will be updated before December 1.)

Winter asked about WGPO’s Collins Committee. Lisa Odom, chairperson and Steve Pellinen were present.
Word judging with Collins + the new word list is an issue to be resolved.

There was a question about what rules the organization uses. WGPO uses the same rules as NASPA to avoid confusion for players who play tournaments in both organizations.

A question was asked by Vic Kaye (AZ), through Winter, about the eligibility of directors. Any NSA or NASPA director, who wishes to direct a WGPO tournament, is automatically a WGPO director. Players who wish to become new WGPO directors must take a test that is available from Janice Kaye. There is no fee to become a WGPO director.

Word Cup 2015 announcement. Ruth Hamilton, director, announced the site of the next Word Cup, in Portland, OR. Early Bird- September 4; Main Event September 5-9.

Mike Johnson (IA) expressed regrets that he would not be able to attend because school will have already begun. It was explained that the Portland Labor Day weekend tournament was a 25 year tradition. The dates for this Word Cup will not set a new precedent for future events.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

After the meeting, the members of the EC/BPR met briefly and came to a unanimous decision to begin tournament play with the new words on December 1, 2014. This was done to prevent confusion for players who play tournaments in both organizations.