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Word Cup TWL Division Announcement:

We’d like to announce that the TWL division will have a total of 4 divisions as follows.

A player’s Peak WGPO rating will be determined by:

1) Their highest WGPO TWL rating at the end of a WGPO tournament between 6/1/2021 and 7/1/2022.
2) If a player has not played in a WGPO TWL tournament between 6/1/2021 and 7/1/2022, their current WGPO TWL rating as of 7/1/2022 will be used.
3)If a player has never played in a WGPO TWL event, a player’s peak rating will be based on their tournament results from other organizations, based on the discretion of the Tournament Directors.

Each player will be initially placed in a division based on their peak WGPO rating: (these are just some possible cut-offs for discussion.) Directors will require that a player play in a higher division if ratings/past results in other organizations and/or lexicons place them well above a cut-off for a higher division.

Division 1: 1700+
Division 2: 1400-1699
Division 3: 1100-1399
Division 4: 0-1099

Unlimited Play-ups Allowed: Any player may play in a higher division than they are placed, however, they may not play in a lower division than assigned by their peak rating. To request to play in a higher division, you must let Lynda Finn know by July 1st. After July 1st, requests to “play-up” will be considered to minimize byes or balance division sizes. Please check the WGPO tourney roster at

prior to July 1st to make sure you are placed in the appropriate division.

An updated draft of the tentative prizes is expected to be announced sometime in May.

Word Cup Directors,
Lynda Finn, Mike Johnson, Steve Pellinen